Giving Back

Jim Baugh's philosophy is to give back to your roots. While it is important to succeed in your day-to-day business, we must always remember to look at the bigger picture and support the overall reason for our existence. Here are ways Jim has "given back" and asks others to do the same. (Click the logos to navigate to the site).


PHIT America

Jim launched in January 2013 PHIT America, a cause and campaign, dedicated to creating A Movement for a Fit & Healthy America. PHIT America has over 100 Sponsors plus support from sports industry Ambassador and Celebrities educating Americans and promoting grassroots initiatives that will encourage Americans to be more active, fit and healthy. It is the only campaign that the sports & fitness industry has worked together.


PHIT America

National Health through Fitness Day

For the past 14 years, the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (formerly the SGMA) brings over 100 athletes, coaches, executives, and others together to lobby Congress for funds to "Get America Moving". With the obesity crisis in America, this initiative is not only important to the sports industry, it is vital to America's future. Jim has been a major leader in this initiative, which has raised over $800 million from Congress for PEP, the Physical Education Program.



Initiative to Grow the Game

Tennis has been a big part of Jim's life and he has made sure he has given back to this great sport. Jim, as President of the Tennis Industry Association, started 2 programs, Tennis Welcome Centers and Cardio Tennis which have spurred participation growth in tennis. Today, there are over 1 million Americans who participate in Cardio Tennis. He has also given years of his life to grow tennis overall, including 4 years as a USTA Board Member



Vox United

Jim's brother-in-law is the president of Vox United, an international humanitarian aid and investment oganization providing sustainable clean water in sub-Saharan Africa.



Golf 2020 "Get Golf Ready in 5 Days"

Like tennis, Jim has been active in helping the sport to increase participation at the grassroots level. The new Get Golf Ready in 5 Days is a new program which will kick start the growth of golf similar to what Tennis Welcome Centers have done for tennis.

Get Golf Ready


Jim started this foundation in 2000 to help "Get America Moving" by rebuilding quality physical education programs throughout the USA. PE4life was the pioneer in promoting physical education as the key to increasing activity and fitness in America.