Getting Started

The Process

  • Understanding the challenge
    • Verbal or written (preferred) summary of your challenge including history which is relevant
    • Define the preferred goal
  • Written proposal by Jim Baugh Consulting
    • Short summary of steps to be undertaken, time allotment and fees
  • Agreement
    • Finalize and agree to proposal
  • Start project
    • Jim Baugh Consulting will be personally engaged with your business to overcome your challenge

Short or Long Term Approach

Jim Baugh Consulting has worked on short-term (individual project) approaches (1-3 months) as well as long-term yearly approaches where companies use Jim's expertise for a variety of overall challenges throughout the year. Fees for long-term projects generally are less per day than short-term projects.


Fee Structure

Both hourly and daily fees are in line with superior consulting services offered by top firms. With longer commitments, daily fees will be reduced. Commissions or equity compensation is only acceptable after acceptable base or daily compensation. Travel and extraordinary office expenses are not included in the base fee structure and will be added as they are incurred.